1. Admissions to Christ School are restricted by certain government regulations and by condition of age, mental attitude, ability and conduct of the candidate. Applicants for admission will be interviewed, tested and admitted to the standard they are found fit, according to the vacancies available.
  2. Every candidate for admission must be introduced by the parent / guardian who will be responsible for his / her conduct, progress in studies, discipline and payment of fees.
  3. The Principal reserves the right of refusing admission to a pupil without ascribing any reason for it. He also reserves the right of refusing continued studies of any pupil whose conduct is found not satisfactory or who is not benefitting by his stays and study in this School.
  4. Admissions to the ICSE stream are made by the School authorities from our Upper Kindergarten depending on their norms of selection and availability of the seats. The consent of the parents and the academic progress of the Students will also be taken into consideration while making the selection to the ICSE stream.


  1. Transfer certificates will be issued only when the parent / guardian applies for it in the prescribed form after all the dues have been cleared in the office.
  2. Fees are due as long as no notice of withdrawal of Student from School is given.
  3. Duplicates of transfer certificates will not be issued unless the request is supported by an affidavit, stating reason for the request, with prescribed fee.


A Student maybe dismissed on the following grounds:

  1. Irregular attendance
  2. Habitual idleness
  3. Disobedience or defiance of authority
  4. Malpractice in connection with examinations
  5. Misbehaviour in public places, streets and conveyances
  6. Lack of sufficient improvement in conduct and studies even after warnings
  7. Conduct injurious to the moral tone of the School.


  1. We believe that discipline is a value and should become a way of life. One cannot become a leader or seek excellence unless one is self-disciplined. Our idea of discipline is not rules and regulations which are imposed externally on a child. Discipline is all about self-management. We avoid all corporal punishment and even harsh reproof. Self-discipline is inculcated by embedding sound traditional values and social sensitivities.
  2. The primary mission of the School's discipline policy is to develop a structure of consistency in discipline using a proactive, preventative approach where Students develop a respect for others, themselves, and learning. An important element of this policy is how well the Students understand the rules and consequences.
  3. Discipline is an integral part of the learning process. To develop self-control, a Student must be trained to bridle emotions and impulses, to live in harmony with others, to respect family traditions, to keep the laws of the country and to obey the commandments of God.
  4. All Students shall be in the School premises at 8.20 am, 5 minutes before the morning bell and taking part in the solemn morning assembly in orderly and respectful manner. All Students observe evening prayer song with sanctity.
  5. At the first bell, both Students and staff shall assemble in the quadrangle of the School in the class order. On dispersal the Students move to their own class-rooms in perfect order, with their respective class Teacher.
  6. When the Teacher enters the class-room, all the Students stand up, greet him / her and remain standing until they are asked to sit or the Teacher takes his / her seat. They shall thank the Teacher when the class is over.
  7. The School expects Students to be polite, friendly and well behaved in and outside the School. They should be respectful to their elders and Teachers, and considerate to their juniors; honest and truthful at all times.
  8. Students shall keep silence and decorum in the classrooms and corridors. If they should go to another classroom they should move silently in a line.
  9. Students going for Mass Drill and Activity are expected to reach back their class as soon as the Mass Drill or Activity is over. They are not allowed to loiter around unnecessarily. If found loitering, disciplinary action will be initiated.
  10. Students shall not leave their classrooms or enter other classrooms without permission. Students are not allowed to enter Teacher`s staff room without permission or in the absence of any Teacher. Only class leaders are allowed to enter by permission.
  11. Speaking in English is compulsory at the School, in the bus and while waiting at the bus-stop to board the bus.
  12. Writing or scribbling on walls and desk, benches or anywhere else is strictly prohibited.
  13. Students must bring books according to the specified time-table. They must see that all books are neatly covered and labeled.
  14. Late comers should bring a note of explanation from their parents.
  15. Any damage caused to the property of the School or of other Students must be reported to the Principal and will have to be compensated. Students shall be responsible for the safe custody of their belonging. It is suggested that the Students` name and class be inscribed on all articles such as uniforms, shoes, lunch boxes, umbrellas etc.Lost and found articles deposited in the School Office must be claimed within a month.
  16. The School is a plastic free zone. We do not promote Students bringing junk food to the campus. The School premises and classrooms must be kept neat and tidy.
  17. Every Student shall endeavor to keep up the high standard of the School by excelling in studies, good manners and deportment / personal conduct. Politeness and courtesy in speech and conduct as well as cleanliness and grace of person are to be cultivated and cherished.
  18. Students are expected to behave with dignity outside the School premises also. Any activities of the Students outside the School premises or in public places, which may harm the name, reputation and discipline of the School will be addressed and disciplinary action will be initiated if found necessary.
  19. While wearing the School uniform, no Student must engage in behavior or associations detrimental to the moral tone, values and goodwill of the School. Strict disciplinary action will be initiated against the Student found engaging in the same.
  20. Students are discouraged from carrying too much money or any expensive articles to School. Students are not permitted to bring iPods, cameras, laptops and other electronic equipment without the permission of the Teacher concerned.
  21. Students are strictly prohibited from bringing or using mobile phones in the School campus. If found in possession the articles will be confiscated. No meetings, parties or organized School activities should be arranged without the approval of the Principal.
  22. The School management will not be responsible for the loss or damage of valuables in the School or while coming or going from the School.
  23. Vehicles that enter into the School campus during School hours must follow the parking rules. Money should not be lent or borrowed from Students. No articles may be exchanged with other Students. Whenever Students are permitted to wear casual clothes, they must be modestly and suitably attired for School. Students are permitted to wear color dress on their birthdays.
  24. Every student is issued a Hand book and an Academic planner at the beginning of the academic year.
  25. The handbook is to be brought to School, when required. The Academic planner must be kept neat and tidy all throughout the year and to be brought to school every day. Students are not allowed to write anything in it except in the calendar part of it. It must be safely kept throughout the year and will not be easily replaced. Once lost, a new one has to be collected from the School Office, but only with the special permission of the Principal on the recommendation of the class Teacher. It is the important document of the Student`s career, conduct and studies in the School for the year, and hence is not to be replaced easily.
  26. No collection of any kind for any purpose whatsoever may be made from the Students or staff without the permission of the Principal. Parents is earnestly requested to make no personal gifts to staff members.

School Uniform:

  1. The purpose of a School-wide DRESS CODE is to establish a School environment that supports a productive, academic atmosphere which supports Students’ learning and reflects the educational values of the staff and the parents.
  2. The School uniform is obligatory on all School days and official functions. It is the duty of the parents / guardians to see that the Student comes to School neatly dressed in the prescribed uniform. The uniform is detailed below:
  3. Normal uniform on all the weekdays’ except Wednesday
  4. House dress on Wednesdays
  5. During winter, Students may wear navy blue sweaters.

Normal Uniform:

Classes I to IV (Boys)

Classes I to IV (Girls)

Navy blue striped shorts

Navy blue striped pinafore with School logo

White striped half sleeved shirt with School logo

White striped blouse with shirt collar

Navy blue striped tie

Navy blue striped tie

Grey striped belt

Grey striped belt

Black shoes with lace

Black shoes with buckles

Navy blue socks with striped cuff

Navy blue socks with striped cuff

Classes V to X (Boys)

Classes V to X (Girls)

Navy blue striped trousers

Navy blue striped umbrella cut skirt

White striped half sleeved shirt with School logo

White striped blouse with shirt collar with School logo

Dark navy blue Blazer

Dark navy blue Blazer

Navy blue striped tie

Navy blue striped tie

Grey striped belt

Grey striped belt

Black shoes with lace

Black shoes with buckles

Navy blue socks with striped cuff

Navy blue socks with striped cuff

Hair Style to be followed:

  1. Hairstyle shall be treated as part of School Uniform.
  2. Elaborate / fashionable hairstyles are strictly not allowed.
  3. Boys: Crew cut
  4. Girls: Long hair-plaited and folded, medium long hair-plaited, short hair-pony tail, bob cut hair – wear white hair band.
  5. Hair bangs should be properly pinned away from the forehead and eyes using black hair pins.
  6. House Dress: Class I to X


    (ii)Track Pant

    (iii)White canvas shoes with lace.

School Uniform: Points to remember:

  1. It is mandatory for all Students to wear their School ID card while in the School campus.
  2. It is compulsory that all Students come to School only in the stipulated School uniform even on days of special functions and rehearsals, unless specified otherwise.
  3. The uniform skirt or pinafore should be of knee length.
  4. Low waist pants are not permitted in campus.
  5. The shirt is to be tucked in properly.
  6. The buttons of the Shirt should not be kept open.
  7. Girls must use only white ribbons.
  8. Girls must wear slips and blue tights as applicable to their uniform.
  9. All boys must wear vests.
  10. Shoes must be clean and neatly polished.
  11. Personal hygiene is to be maintained.
  12. No jewellers are permitted or no costly ornaments are permitted.
  13. Students are not permitted to:

    (i)Grow / polish their nails

    (ii)Color their hair

    (iii)Wear multiple ear studs

    (iv)Use kajal/ eyeliner / eye shadows / bindi.

    (v)Boys must have their hair cut every month.

    (vi)Senior boys are not permitted to grow beards or come unshaven.

    (vii)If a Student makes any alteration in the pattern or the stitching of the uniforms as is prescribed by the School,disciplinary action maybe initiated by the authorities, after making a record of a warning in the Student’s Academic planner.


  1. Regular attendance in class is an important factor of good education.
  2. No Student shall be absent from class without sufficient reason.
  3. Prior permission shall be sought from the Principal for planned leave.
  4. Leave of absence will be granted by Principal only on valid reason and serious reasons.
  5. Those who absent themselves without prior permission shall not enter the class without the Principal’s permission.
  6. For every leave of absence, a written request signed by the parent must be made on attending the class the day after the absence and it should be forwarded to the Principal after getting counter sign from the class Teacher.
  7. Students are not permitted to avail leave for social functions, tours, holidays while the School is in session. Students are not allowed to remain absent on the first day of opening and closing days of long breaks or special holidays.
  8. Students suffering from contagious diseases will not be permitted to attend School.
  9. Students are not allowed to go out of the campus during School hours, including recess time.
  10. In case of serious illness the Principal must be informed within 5 days and a Doctor’s medical certificate is to be submitted.
  11. Unauthorized absence of more than 10 days will lead to removal from the rolls. Once removed, their unlikely readmission is granted only by the principal at his discretions, and the entire process of re-admission is to be followed.
  12. Late comers shall not enter the class, but report themselves to the Principal / Teacher-in-charge. Habitual late coming will be seriously viewed.
  13. No re-exam for absentees.
  14. Three late coming entry will be tabulated as a full day leave.

Disciplinary Measures:

  1. The School chooses to focus on positive behavior. However, we do apply appropriate disciplinary measures when necessary.
  2. We believe in keeping the parents promptly informed of positive as well as negative behavioral changes observed in the Students from time to time.


  1. A conference will be called to inform parents of inappropriate behavior of their wards in spite of repeated warnings, with suggestions for parental action and support.
  2. The School reserves the right to suspend, expel or permanently exclude a Student whose diligence and progress in academics is steadily unsatisfactory in spite of repeated warnings or whose conduct is harmful to other Students and the moral tones of the School.

Special Disciplinary Measures:

  1. Parents will not be permitted to escort their ward to the respective class rooms. They have to leave their ward at the entrance – till 8.25a.m. for Classes I to X. After 8.25 a.m. they will not be allowed inside the campus.
  2. Visitors, Parents / Escorts have to park their vehicles in the parking areas. If found violating the guidelines, permission to enter the campus may be denied by the Security Personal.
  3. The private vans are allowed inside the campus only after School buses are sent out through Gate Number 1 in the afternoon.
  4. Stay back Students have to get the permission from the concerned Teachers and they have to obtain permission from parents in the required form to take part in any planned supervised activities.
  5. Parents are requested to be present in the School on time, whenever students are asked to stay back for any practice or any other regular extra-curricular activities, so that when the practice / activity is over, they can pick their ward from the venue.
  6. To reduce the traffic congestion in the private approach road to Gate Number 1, in the morning and afternoon, it will be functioning as one-way. Vehicles have to come into the campus through Gate Number 1 and exit through Gate Number 2.
  7. Parents are requested to verify and check the credibility and safety of your children coming in the private vans.
  8. All have to respect the speed limit in the campus and should not indulge in rash driving.
  9. Every visitor coming to the School has to sign in the Log book kept with the security at the gate with all relevant details. They may be asked to deposit their photo ID card with security office, if required. They have to sign out when they go out of the campus.
  10. All visitors must sign-in and out in the office and carry a visitor's card.
  11. All three gates will be closed at 8.30 a.m. and the late comers or visitors have to approach Gate Number 1 or 2 to access entry into the campus.
  12. We will be issuing identity cards to all parents / Escorts and you are requested to affix a recent stamp size photo of your ward and escorts. To take the Student out of the School during working hours, Parents / Authorized Escorts have to produce this ID card.
  13. Parents who bring Lunch, Books or any other things to be handed over to the Student during the working hours are requested to deposit the same with the Security Personal at the Gate Number 1 or 2. Parents are reminded to put a name tag mentioning the Student Name and Class. If this is not done, we may not be able to deliver the things to the respective Students.
  14. No parents will be allowed to meet the Teachers in the campus during working hours without prior appointment with the Teacher. To take a prior appointment with their Teacher, send a note to the concerned Teacher through your ward and the Teacher will send you the appointment slip. Produce this slip to the Security Personal at the Entrance and they will guide you to the Reception. If any emergency situation warrants it, Security Personal may contact the office to obtain special permission for you to visit the Reception Counter. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any parent based on their discretion.
  15. On all alternative Saturdays (if it is not a declared holiday for the School), Parents are allowed to meet the concerned Teachers between 8. 30 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. Prior intimation to the Teachers about your visit may help you and the Teacher to avoid any inconveniences.
  16. Parents / Escorts or Visitors are NOT allowed to directly go to the Class Rooms during the class hours. They have to report to the Reception Counter, the Staff at the Reception Counter will help you in your needs.
  17. Parents and Visitors have to mention the purpose of their visit to the Security Personal and at the Reception Counter.
  18. Parents are requested to be vigilant and report any unbecoming behavior witnessed inside or just outside the School premises to the Principal. You may contact / send mail to principal through . Strict confidentiality will be maintained on such letters / e-mails. Anonymous letters / e-mails may not be entertained and reply or action on such letters / e-mails will be taken at the discretion of the Principal.
  19. Usually, you will receive reply to your query through e-mail in a day or two. Weekends or holidays may take longer duration.
  20. All the important announcements will be made through our Web site: So kindly visit our Web site for the recent news.
  21. Parents who avail the School bus facility must make arrangements to pick- up their wards from the dropping destinations and they must be present at least 5 minutes before the arrival of the bus at their destinations.
  22. Any damage caused to the School property should be compensated.

Class Placement:

  1. When we assign Students to classes for the next academic year, we endeavor to meet the needs of the individual child and develop classes whose balance and dynamics contribute to a positive learning environment. To achieve well-balanced classes, we consider a balance of girls and boys, health concerns, behavior concerns, ethnicity, academic strengths and weaknesses, familiar faces (e.g. Students who have been placed in his or her class previously) etc. It is a lengthy, complicated and painstaking process, but we believe that is essential to create classes that are well balanced, manageable for Teachers, and acceptable to the majority of our families.
  2. Because of the many variables that go into the careful consideration of the makeup of each class, we cannot accommodate parent requests for a particular placement for a child. Please be assured that we care about your child and will provide a successful School year filled with learning, friendships and excitement. The placement of Students each year is a task that our staff takes very seriously and takes into account many circumstances. You can feel confident that our goal is to create the most positive, productive learning environment for each and every Student at Christ School ICSE.

Behavior Expectations:

  1. The School is a place of learning; therefore, there must be an atmosphere based on mutual respect. All Students should demonstrate a desire to get the best education possible. Students are expected to be in class on time, and to demonstrate courteous behavior so that each individual’s rights are respected and everyone can learn in an orderly environment. Students are expected to be prepared with all necessary materials for learning, and homework assignments daily. Teachers will discuss and review classroom rules at the beginning of the School year, and will continue to implement them throughout the year.
  2. We expect Students to adhere to the following behavior code:

    (i)Be courteous

    (ii)Respect the property, rights and feelings of others.

    (iii)Respect School property

    (iv)Avoid confrontations, fighting, and profanity

    (v)Vandalism and harassment are not acceptable.

Anti-Bullying Policy:

  1. The Christ School family is committed to make our School a safe and caring environment for all Students. We will treat each other with respect and refuse to tolerate bullying of any kind.
  2. Bullying is unfair and one-sided. Bullying behavior happens when someone keeps hurting, harassing, intimidating, threatening or causing substantial emotional distress to a person. Cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication media (cell phones, text messages, instant messaging, social networks, etc.) to bully another Student in the ways described above. Bullying and cyber bullying interfere with a Student’s educational opportunities and can substantially disrupt the orderly operations of the School.
  3. Bullying behaviors include the following:

    (i)Hurting someone physically by hitting, kicking, tripping, or pushing

    (ii)Stealing or damaging another person’s things.

    (iii)Ganging up on someone.

    (iv)Teasing someone in a hurtful way.

    (v)Using put-downs (i.e., insulting or making fun of someone).

    (vi)Spreading rumors or untruths about someone.

    (vii)Leaving someone out on purpose or trying to get other kids not to play with someone.

    (viii)Using any electronic communication device (texting, cell phones, social networks, etc.) to insult, threaten, or post untrue information or embarrassing photos about another Student.

  4. Students at Christ School will do the following things to prevent bullying:

    (i)Treat everyone with respect and kindness.

    (ii)Refuse to bully others.

    (iii)Refuse to let others be bullied.

    (iv)Refuse to watch, laugh, or join in when someone is being bullied.

    (v)Try to include everyone in play, especially those who are often left out.

    (vi)Report bullying behavior to the Class Teacher, Teachers or to the Principal.

  5. Teachers and Staff at Christ School will do the following things to prevent bullying and help children feel safe at School:

    (i)Closely supervise Students in all areas of the School and playground.

    (ii)Watch for signs of bullying behavior and stop it when it happens.

    (iii)Respond quickly and sensitively to bullying reports using the Four-A-Response Process (Affirm Feelings, Ask Questions, Assess Safety, and Act by coaching the child on what to do in the future).

    (iv)Look into all reported bullying incidents.

    (v)Assign consequences for bullying based on the School discipline code.

    (vi)Assign immediate consequences for retaliation against Students who report bullying.

    (vii)Serious cases of bullying will be reported to the Disciplinary Committee and appropriate disciplinary action will be initiated.

    (viii)Minor cases of bullying will be dealt by Principal or Teacher-in-charge.

Home Work Policy:

  1. The purpose of assigning homework at Christ School is to strengthen academic skills, reinforce concepts taught by Teachers, develop Student responsibility and accountability and promote parent awareness.
  2. Homework may be an independent activity or may require parental help, to be accomplished outside of the School day and without benefit of Teacher assistance, to reinforce previously learned ideas.
  3. Unfinished class work or work missed due to absences, although accomplished outside of the School day, is not included in the School's definition of homework.
  4. Homework will generally fall into one or more of these different categories and may include, but is not limited to, the following examples:
  5. Practice - This includes activities to reinforce skills such as studying spelling words and practicing math facts.
  6. Preparation - These are assignments designed to provide background information and focus on future class activities. Studying for tests and reading supplementary materials are examples of such homework assignments.
  7. Extension / Creative - Activities such as book reports, science projects, and research for social studies reports are examples of such homework.
  8. Amount of Homework: The amount of homework assigned shall be related to the maturity and ability level of the Students in a given class.
  9. a. Normally we update the Homework in our Website before 5.00p.m. on all working days.
  10. b. Student's Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the Student to note and understand the homework assignment, complete it, and return it to School on the required day. Teachers may use homework assignments to determine a Student's grade.
  11. c. Parent's Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the parent to set a specific time and place for doing homework and to monitor the Student's homework. If at any time a parent has a concern about the School's homework policy, they are to contact their child's Teacher.
  12. d. Teacher's Responsibility: Teachers will be responsible for assigning homework to Students and for providing the necessary explanation and direction required to assure that the Students can accomplish the work with reasonable success. The Teacher will also monitor, assess, and acknowledge homework results for parents and Students.

Home Study and Parental Cooperation:

We believe that education is a combined effort taken by the Teachers and Parents. Parental co-operation in the formation of a better Student is expected and solicited. Parents are advised to:

  1. Check the Student’s Academic planner daily and sign Teacher’s remarks if any, within the prescribed time.
  2. Respond to circulars and other communication from the School promptly.
  3. Supervise the child’s daily lessons.
  4. Ensure that the child has adequate hours of study at home and completes all assignments. Encourage the child to participate in all co-curricular activities and School functions.
  5. Ensure the child is punctual.
  6. Take pride in sending the child to School neatly turned out.
  7. Return the Answer sheets and Report Card duly signed within the prescribed time.
  8. Intimate any change of phone number or address to the School promptly.
  9. Participation in talks or seminars arranged by School authorities is compulsory to help and guide parents in fulfilling their parental responsibility in the best possible manner.
  10. Make sure that the Student attends remedial classes as and when a Teacher feels it is required to improve the Student’s performance. Parents are requested to see that their wards avail themselves of this opportunity.
  11. Good attitudes and habits are important elements that are definitely essential in order to maintain stability within the classroom. Furthermore, they must be corrected in order for your child to develop his / her maximum potential.
  12. Ensure your ward gives due consideration to the following areas:

    (i)Excessive talking

    (ii)Lack of effort

    (iii)Preparing for class

    (iv)Missing assignments

    (v)Completes work in time


    (vii)Exclusion from class

    (viii)Poor test scores / grades

    (ix)Malpractice in tests and exams

    (x)Excessive late coming

    (xi)Excessive absence

    (xii)Lending / Borrowing money

    (xiii)Disrespectful to others

    (xiv)Disturbs / physically hurts others

    (xv)Speaking in English

    (xvi)Bad attitude and language

    (xvii)Inappropriate materials (toys, books, CD, mobile)

    (xviii)Excess cash in hand


    (xx)Destroying School property

  13. Parents must attend the Open Day to get an update on their child's academic progress and conduct. In case the parent is unable to attend the Open Day, it must be intimated to the class Teacher.
  14. Assessment Report Card will be issued only on Open Days.
  15. During Open Day, make the discussion with Teachers as short and to the point as possible.
  16. On any other occasion, if the Parent wants to meet any Teacher, it is a good practice that parents send a note to the Teacher seeking an appointment so that the valuable time of the parent and Teachers can be saved.
  17. Important / Emergencies and Urgent common information will be posted on our Website. So visit our Website regularly.
  18. Additional worksheets, Practice papers, Notes etc. will be uploaded in our Website and it will be made available to Students for a fixed period of time.
  19. Parents are welcome to meet the Principal at any time during the Office Hours unless otherwise engaged. Prior appointment will make the meeting easier.

School Fees:

  1. School fees are to be paid in the office on yearly basis in advance at the time of re-admission.
  2. Defaulters, once removed from the rolls, may be re-admitted on clearing the dues at the discretion of the Principal.
  3. Students joining or leaving in the middle of a term shall pay for the full term. They have to close all accounts due before taking out any certificate.
  4. Students have to clear all their dues for the year before their final examination. No Students will be allowed to write the final examinations without having cleared all their dues connected with library, laboratory, scout, and any damage caused in the course of the year.
  5. The fees, once paid (including bus fees), will not be refunded on any account.
  6. If ID, Academic Planner or Assessment Report is lost, new one should be purchased.
  7. Christ School Management offers scholarships to deserving Students who are financially poor, but talented and studious.

Picnics and Tours:

  1. Picnics and tours are part of study and class activity and hence all are expected to join them. It is meant to encourage and strengthen friendliness and love for each other. It is also meant to provide relaxation and fun and develop knowledge of places and people.
  2. Class Teachers will plan together and finalize the destination, date and time with detailed program. Tours shall not be very close to tests and examinations.
  3. Students of standards IX & X may plan for tours of a longer duration. There may be a tour arranged for the members of staff during holidays.
  4. All picnics and tours shall be arranged with prior approval of the Principal. He shall be furnished with the complete details of participants, itinerary and schedules in advance. On return, a detailed report of events and expenses incurred shall be presented to the Principal.
  5. School authorities, management or staff will not be held responsible for any accident or mishap during picnics, tours or excursions. A written document signed by the parents to this effect shall be given to the office through class Teachers one day before they start.

Moral Instruction:

To build up the character of Students, to create faith in God, to make them understand the true meaning of life and to inculcate in them ethical and moral values, religious and moral instruction are offered to all the Students. As a part of this program, meditations, prayer services, annual retreat, seminars etc. are conducted periodically.

A Note to Parents and Guardians:

  1. Every effort made by Teachers and the management will go in vain unless the parents co operate with them wholeheartedly and supervise the daily work and studies made by their wards at home. The normal intellectual, moral and cultural development as well as their character formation depends on their co operated efforts.
  2. After each test and exam, the parents get a report of their ward’s conduct, aptitude to study, progress etc., as recorded in the handbook or on the marks card.
  3. In order to facilitate this matter and advise the Principal and Teachers, a parent Teacher committee is formed every year, representing every section of Students in School. They meet regularly during the year and suggest ways and means of improving the discipline and academic performance of the Students. Their co operation and efforts must be a boost to the management and all the staff members.

Things to do:

  1. Be always thankful to God for the wonderful gift you have received from Him.
  2. Be always friendly with others in and out of School.
  3. Accept whatever work is assigned to you as your rightful share and face difficulties courageously.
  4. Lend a helping hand to your parents, brothers and sisters at home, and to your Teachers and companions at School.
  5. Prove yourself truthful in your words and deeds, whatever be the cost you have to pay.
  6. Observe good manners and etiquette in your behavior every time and everywhere.
  7. Make a Time Table for the day for your study, rest and recreation, giving importance to difficult subjects to study.
  8. Avoid vulgarity in your talk and behavior, keeping off bad friends.
  9. Never make fun of others, especially the old and the poor.
  10. Never hesitate to say an emphatic ‘NO’ when asked or tempted to do anything wrong.
  11. These will help you grow as a person of regular habits; most valuable asset for a human life.