Periodic tests are found necessary to assess the performance of Students. It also promotes healthy competition among them and helps them make aware of their own shortcomings and failures in their study habits by getting them graded again and again.

Examination Pattern:

  1. Classes 1 to 9 will be having three Terms. In Term I and Term II, there will be two Class tests (10 marks each), one Unit test (40 marks), one Project (10 marks) and one Term Examination (80 marks). Term III will be having only one Class test (10 marks)and Annual Examination(80 marks).
  2. 10 Marks of Internal assessment will be allotted for overall personality, diligence and attendance.
  3. The Cumulative score of five unit tests(50 marks), two Unit tests (80 marks), two Term Examinations (160 marks), Annual examination (80 marks) two projects (20 marks) and Internal Assessment(10 marks) will make the total marks.
    I Class Tests 2 10 Marks each 20
    Unit Test 1 40 40
    Term I Examination 1 80 80
    Project 1 10 10
    II Class Tests 2 10 Marks each 20
    Unit Test 1 40 40
    Term II Examination 1 80 80
    Project 1 10 10
    III Class Test 1 10 10
    Annual Examination 1 80 80
    Internal Assessment Overall personality& diligence 1 5 10
    Attendance 5
  5. The Annual assessment will be taken into consideration for promotion to the next Class along with other norms.
  6. These tests / exams cannot be deferred or anticipated to suit to individual convenience. No re-examination will be conducted in any subject.
  7. Parents are welcome to consult the Subject Teachers to make out the defects and common mistakes committed by their children in their answer sheets within the limited time announced after the results of each test.
  8. Any kind of malpractice in the tests, attempted or intended by any Student, is punishable with suspension or expulsion from the tests or from School according to the gravity of the offence.
  9. The norms of promotion are fixed as per timely directions received from the department of education. Promotion depends on the marks scored in each test and final examination and also on internal assessment based on attendance, home work, class work, composition, general discipline, co curricular activities etc.
  10. The results of the tests and exams will be given to the parents in the report card, while the final result of the academic year on promotion or detention will be announced in School.
  11. Students who could not secure promotion due to inability to study the subjects may be asked to leave the School. Students failing twice in the same standard or thrice in different standards will have to leave the School. The decision of the Principal will be final in this matter